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[KR] 10th Anniversary Commemoration Movie

ヽ(〃’▽’〃)ノ Congratulations to Mabinogi KR on its 10th ‘birthday’! (Well, on June 22nd, anyway!) I’ll be translating the many events/items released today or tomorrow, but first, I thought I’d translate this video because it has some very fun and amusing factoids about Mabinogi KR throughout its 10 years. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting too! I APOLOGIZE FOR LACK OF CUT, DUMB VIDEO POSTS ;_;


A new world had opened up to you with your exciting introduction to Erinn. Now, ten years’ worth of time has passed.

Mabinogi was born on June 22nd, 2004. Why, it’s already grown up to be a 3rd grader in elementary school! [t/n: in Korea’s system, of course]

Happy birthday to you, dear Mabinogi!

A Milletian met at the beginning of Mabinogi’s days (let’s say they’re 12) would be a gallant adult now (with the Adult title to boot!) Seems it’s already time to rebirth, isn’t it?

In these ten years, 6,200,000 Milletians joined us in Mabinogi. That means that 1 out of every 8 person in South Korea is a fellow Milletian. Like this, we spent a lengthy ten years together with everyone on Mabinogi. In what way or shape has Mabinogi taken its place inside your memories?

Perhaps through the many activities in Mabinogi that further enrich your Fantasy Life?

Fishing, cooking, commercing, composing, gathering, and part-time jobs: it is you myriad of Milletians who hold such hobbies and interests at heart. Up till now, Milletians have fished up 229,400,000 fish. That’s more than enough fish to have the people in Busan eat their fill for a whole year! [t/n: South Korea’s second most populated city] 6,300,000,000 pieces of wool were sheared, 2,300,000,000 eggs were gathered, and 10,000,000 liters of milk were milked.That’s enough to make 520,000 wool/fur coats and 1,430,000 hotcakes! 

The owls have so far flown 31,000,000 times to deliver mail30,000,000 times to deliver quests, and is working hard even now to search out Milletians like you, wherever you are. And such busy Milletians have traveled 117,400,000 kilometers for commerce, which is enough to have traveled around the globe 29,000 times!

Of course, we can hardly forget to mention the lively and dynamic combat in Mabinogi, now can we!

Amongst the Milletians, the one with the highest cumulative level is 42,247. What about the monsters who oppose the Milletians everyday? The number one monster that knocked out the most Milletians is the Giant White Spider. On the other hand, the monster that was most knocked out by Milletians is the Gray Town Rat. And in these ten years, the Ciar Beginner Golem has been defeated 10,000,000,000 times. 1,300,000 Milletians have fallen in battle and 44,000,000 Nao stones have been used. Of course, after such fierce battles, weapon repair is inevitable, yes?

The ever unforgettable Ferghus, who can’t be left out in such a discussion in Mabinogi, has failed weapon repairs 584,927 times. Even so, everyone! Please remember to not attack the elderly in Erinn.

The many memories made together on Mabinogi just come to mind, don’t they.

6,800,000 pets have been made so far as well. Who was the one who accompanied you with your shaking footsteps as you set out on the path to adventure? 300,000 players completed G1 and 38,000 guilds have been created. Were you able to keep those promises you made with such smiles?

48,000,000 campfire kits have been used and as their embers reach into the sky, all the joyful moments and sorrowful moments turned into happy memories. 

Do you remember? The start of your new life and, not the end of it, but a different start. The ones who gave life to Mabinogi are the Milletians.

Thank you for coming to Erinn.

A Wonderful Ten Years: Mabinogi, the Next Generation.

Was translating this for my skype call, but then i found out it was already done. Anyways all these stats, wow.